Pan African stocktaking of quality infrastructure reveals encouraging trends within the SADC

06.03.2018 - Article
PTB Stocktaking map
PTB Stocktaking map© PTB

In 2014, the Pan African Quality Infrastructure (PAQI), via its pillars in the areas of metrology and measurements, standardization, and accreditation, carried out a comprehensive study throughout Africa on the state of quality infrastructure at a national level. Recently, an updated version of this so-called Stocktaking Document has been published. Ambassador Albert M. Muchanga, African Union Commissioner for Trade and Industry, has emphasized that this document is „an important source of data that effectively contributes to the formulation of African policy on trade and industrialization as well as directing QI technical assistance and capacity building programs on the continent.“

The trend in the SADC is very encouraging: 14 of the 16 member states were able to improve their national system of quality infrastructure in the period between 2014 and 2017. The stocktaking data also shows that the SADC countries have a well-developed quality infrastructure in comparison with other Regional Economic Communities. SADC’s character as a forerunner in Africa is therefore well documented in the updated version of PAQI’s Stocktaking Document. These encouraging results motivate the SADC Secretariat as well as PTB to continue their work in the field of quality infrastructure.

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