Support by the German government for Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in the aftermath of Cyclones Idai and Kenneth

In Mozambique, an area the size of the Saarland in Germany was flooded for several weeks in mid-March after the first cyclone Idai.

In Mozambique, an area the size of the Saarland in Germany was flooded for several weeks in mid-March after the first cyclone Idai, © dpa

17.07.2019 - Article

Tropical Cyclone Idai, which struck on 14, 15 and 16 March this year with wind speeds of up to 170 kilometres per hour, caused severe damage in parts of Southern Africa. According to latest figures, the cyclone affected 1.85 million people in Mozambique, 975,000 in Malawi, 270,000 in Zimbabwe and 1,000 people in Madagascar. More than 900 people died as a result of the storm, around 600 of them in Mozambique. The most severely affected regions in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe have seen the extensive destruction of their basic infrastructure, which will now have to be rebuilt.

The United Nations estimates that, together, the three countries of Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi will need approximately 440 million euros in humanitarian assistance and emergency relief for the people affected there. The World Bank calculates that, over the long term, reconstruction will cost at least two billion US dollars.

Aerial view of the flooded city of Beira
Aerial view of the flooded city of Beira© IFRC/CVM FACT team

It is the Federal Foreign Office that is responsible for Germany's humanitarian relief operation in the region following the cyclone. Accordingly, it has made available seven million euros in emergency assistance. Its partners carrying out relief operations on the ground in Mozambique are Caritas International, the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief, the German Red Cross, UNICEF and the World Food Programme. In addition, Plan International, the Welthungerhilfe and the World Food Programme are involved in relief efforts in Malawi and Zimbabwe.

On top of its regular programmes of bilateral development cooperation with Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has recently adopted a “Post-Cyclone Idai Reconstruction Programme” worth 50 million euros. This programme is intended specifically to support reconstruction and, at the same time, improve the ability of the region's infrastructure and affected population to withstand extreme weather events in the future through improved resilience measures.

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