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03.01.2022 - Article

With effect from 4 January 2022 Botswana is no longer listed as area of variant of concern, but is designated now as a high risk area. The very strict  travel restrictions have been partly lifted. This is subject to change at short notice.

Important information

But visas can currently only be issued if the intended entry is absolutely necessary. The exceptional cases permitted entry into Germany are explained in both English and German on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Home Affairs under “Coronavirus: Questions and Answers” and there under “Travel restrictions / border controls”:




Furthermore entry to Germany for any purpose (including visits and tourism)  is only possible for fully vaccinated People. The traveller must have received the last vaccination dose that is necessary for full vaccination at least 14 days before the date of travel, and the vaccine the person has received must be among those listed on the website of the Paul Ehrlich Institute. More Information is available here.

Arriving in Germany
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Batswana or non-EU nationals need a visa in order to enter Germany.
The type of visa you require depends on how long you plan to stay. Are you planning a short visit to Germany, e.g. for a holiday? Or would you like to stay longer, e.g. to attend university?
Please choose how long you are planning to stay. 

Short stay (maximum of 90 days, e.g. for a holiday or business trip)

Long stay (more than 90 days, e.g. to attend university, work or join a family member in Germany)

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