Au pair

16.02.2018 - Article

Documents required:

  • 2 duly completed application forms “Application for a Residence Permit” (please date and sign the forms!)
  • 2 declarations of True and Complete Information in accordance with §54 Residence Act (please date and sign the forms!)
  • 2 recent biometric passport pictures
  • Passport (original and 2 copies)
  • If applicable: Residence Permit (original + 2 copies )
  • School certificates and/or university degrees (originals + 2 copies)
  • Motivation letter
  • Au-Pair contract with the host family, i.e. Au-Pair Agency’s contract with the address details of the host family (2 copies)
  • Important: If the Au-Pair contract is concluded directly with a host family (not via an Au-Pair Agency), it has to be submitted in original

  • Proof of basic knowledge of the German language (Course certificate). Please note that a lack of basic German knowledge (level A1) may lead to the visa application being declined (original + 2 copies)
  • Proof of health insurance valid from date of arrival and for the duration of stay in Germany (2 copies)
  • “Meldebescheinigung” from host/host family
  • Important: The applicant must not have completed 25 years of age upon application
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