Small-Scale Projects for Development and Cooperation 2021

Woman On Farm With Damara Sheep; Ghanzi, Botswana

Woman On Farm With Damara Sheep; Ghanzi, Botswana, © Design Picsce


Purpose 2021:

Under this scheme swift and direct financial assistance can be provided to NGOs, local communities, state institutions and religious institutions for the implementation of a micro-project for the benefit of disadvantaged groups of society. Particular consideration will be given to the gender equality policy of the project (e.g. providing equal access to resources such as education, information, income, energy, drinking water and infrastructure, as well as tangibly improving women’s lives in the project area).

Due to the current circumstances the focus in 2021 will be on projects in the field of health and sanitation improvement. For each selected small-scale project funding is available ranging from 5,000 - 10,000 EUR which should be used to support measures to combat and alleviate the consequences of Covid-19.



There has to be a direct and concrete impact for the beneficiaries with a sustainability of the whole measure exceeding the immediate project time-frame. To illustrate the scope of possibilities, a list of examples is given below:

  • Procurement and manufacture of protective masks to create job opportunities for people who are in financial need due to Covid-19.
  • Disinfectants, medication, protective clothing, medical devices or food supplies for hospitals, children's homes, prisons or other facilities.
  • Support of poor and disabled people with hygiene kits and food.
  • Support of schools for the severely disabled in the expansion of barrier-free sanitary facilities.
  • Training measures in the area of ​​hygiene or pandemic control.

Please note that this is not an inclusive list, thus all submitted proposals in accordance with the general guidelines (as long as they relate to the general scope of alleviating the effects of COVID-19) will be assessed.


General Guidelines for Application (Important):

Federal budgetary regulations require the following conditions to be observed:

  • The implementing agency must be an experienced, qualified and reliable organization,  preferably a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered under the Societies  Registration Act;
  • Personnel, administrative and running costs (overhead costs) cannot be financed;
  • The implementing agency must be in a position to finance running costs (if applicable);   
  • A counterpart contribution in cash or kind is required from the implementing agency;
  • Project proposals should be accompanied by a financial plan and at least two competitive quotations/estimates  (in Pula) for each item for which the grant is requested;
  • Implementation of the project without delay after conclusion of the project agreement.
  • The project needs to be concluded and all funds accounted for in the same calendar year;
  • It is not possible under German law to finance a project which is co-sponsored by any other organization that receives contributions from the Federal Budget (e.g. European Union, United Nations).


Project proposals should be submitted to the Embassy latest by 19th March 2021 in order to be considered for possible funding. Applications submitted later may be considered in case not all funds have been utilized or due to other proposals not meeting the above-stated criteria (Please note: a submitted proposal does not guarantee funding).

In the 2nd quarter of 2021, an Embassy committee will assess the submitted proposals respectively ask for supporting documentation if required.  During the selection process sites of eligible projects will be inspected by Embassy staff or an authorized representative and successful applicants will be informed individually. A project agreement will be concluded with the implementing entity which is required to submit a final report, a breakdown of expenses and original invoices immediately after conclusion of the Project.

Application forms are available at the Development Cooperation section of the German Embassy (see link below) or on request by e-mail (info@gabo.diplo.de).

We kindly ask you to refrain from inquiries on the current status of the application. After internal consultation successful applicants will be contacted by the Embassy and receive further information.

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